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000502a   A. 1 lesson
010024   A. Alveley 4-7yr olds, Fridays, 4.50-5.35pm, 04/11/22-16/12/22 (Autumn Two)
birchopt1   A. Easter/Summer holiday camps 2022
18552   A. Ladies Beginner/Improver Squad, Mondays 8.45-9.45am, Lent Term
q5   A. Mini Tennis Orange, Monday, 5.15-6.00pm, 07/03/22-04/04/22
OHSUM21A   A. Old Hall Lower School, Spring Term Dance, Monday
BIRCH-TUES-3.30   A. Tennis -Tuesdays 3.30pm, Spring Term
A.ALV2307430   A. Tennis Coaching, Age 4-8, Thursday 23rd July, 4.30-5.30pm,
18098   A. Worfield Primary School, Yrs 1-6, all Thursdays Lent Term, 3.00-4.00pm
010025   B. Alveley 7-12yr olds, Fridays, 5.35-6.20pm, 04/11/22-16/12/22 (Autumn Two)
18800   B. Contemporary and Street Dance , 3.20-4.20pm, - all Thursdays Spring Term 2023
q6   B. Development Squad, Mondays, 6.00-6.45pm,07/03/22-04/04/22
18553   B. Kindergarten - Lent Term 2023
OHSUM21B   B. Old Hall Upper School, Spring Term 2023, Dance, Monday
090016   b. Tennis and Multi-Sports, Summer Camps, 9.00am-3.00pm, Wednesday 29th July
Tennis-Tues-4.40pm   B. Tennis Tuesdays 4.40pm, Spring Term
000507   C. Youth Start - Blue, Monday 4-4.30pm, 21st Nov-30th Jan
q4   C. Development Squad, Monday, 6.45-7.45pm, 07/03/22-04/04/22
18799   C. Football Training, 3.20-4.30pm Fridays, all Fridays Spring term
18555   C. Group lessons, Lent Term 2023
OHSUM21C   C. Old Hall School, Ladies Coaching Spring Term 2023, Wednesdays 8.30-10.00am
ALVSUM22   C. Summer Holiday Session (1 Session)
030027   C. Youth Start - Red Squad, Monday 4.30-5.15pm, age 7-10,
18998   Cookley Sebright, Info available from School office
COMMS   Corvedale Multi-Sports, Mondays 3.15-4.15pm, Details available from School
OHSUM21D   D Old Hall Yr1 + 2, Spring Term 2022, Wednesdays
AlvSpr23   D. Alveley 4-6yr olds, Fridays, 4.50-5.35pm, 06/01/23-17/02/23 (Spring One)
18554   D. Reception - Lent Term 2023
TennisThurs440   D. Tennis Thursday 4.40pm, Spring Term 2023
AlvSpr233   E. Alveley 7-11yr olds, Fridays, 5.35-6.20pm, 06/01/23-17/02/23 (Spring One)
18551   E. Ladies Cardio Tennis, Thursdays 8.30-9.30am, Lent Term
OHSUM21E   E. Old Hall 4.40pm, yrs 3-6, Spring Term 2023, Wednesdays,
18559A   F. Private Tuition, Lent Term 2023
090033   Football and Multi-Sports Summer Camps, 9.00am-3.00pm TBC
000503   G. Mini Tennis Orange/GreenSquad, Mondays 5.15-6.00pm, 16th Jan-14th Feb in
18560   G. Paired Tuition Lent term 2023
18592   H. Lesson Bundle
18593   I. Lesson bundle
000511   J. Coaching Bundle
000505   K. Junior Focus Group, Saturdays, 10.00-10.45am, 5th Nov-17th Dec inc.
ALBM   M. Tennis Coaching, Age 3-5, Monday 17th August, 2.00-3.00pm,
BURWAY-SAT-10.15AMSum1   Mini Tennis Orange/Green, Saturdays 10.15-11.15pm, 16/04/16-28/05/16
MofPair17   Paired Tuition, 30 minutes - Summer paired private lessons,
MofPair1745   Paired Tuition, 45 minutes - Summer paired lessons,
MofPair1760   Paired Tuition, 60 minutes - Summer paired lessons,
mofSunPair   Paired Tuition, One Hour, Sundays, Summer Term
MOFSunPairs   Paired Tuition, One Hour, Sundays, Summer Term
MofPriv1730   Private Tuition, 30 minutes - Summer private lessons,
mofpri30sunday   Private Tuition, 30 Minutes, Sundays, Summer Term,
MofPriv1745   Private Tuition, 45 minutes - Summer private lessons,
MofPriv1760   Private Tuition, 60 minutes - Summer private lessons,
MPREC   Reception Tennis Coaching, Summer Term
qT   T. lesson bundle
MP1507HALF   Tennis Coaching Camp 15th July, Half Day 9.30am-12.30pm, Age 4-13
1608a   Tennis with Multi-Sports, Monday 16th August, 9.30am-3.30pm
q1   V. lesson bundle
Test   Volusion Test item
18888   Yr 1 and 2 Football - all Thursdays Autumn Term from 29th September

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